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The 10 Commandments of Concert Promotions

tips for concert promoters

Here are the ten laws of promoting a concert. Take note and govern yourself accordingly, for the money you save just may be your own. Continue reading →

All New And First Time Concert Promoters Should Have This eBook

how to become a concert promoter

How to become a concert promoter. Start your journey here! Continue reading

Concert Promoter: Tips On Creating Sponsorship Proposals

concert sponsorship proposal tips

Obtaining sponsorship support can add much needed revenue for your concert, fundraiser, or special event. Getting a concert sponsor involves putting together a proposal that outlines your event and why a potential sponsor should get on board with you.

If you are putting together or have a completed a sponsorship proposal. Here are a few tips to help you sell your idea.

1. Customize your proposal for the industry of your specific sponsor. Identify how your event can help potential sponsor reach their target demographic and marketing goals.

2. Illustrate how the audience at your event conforms with the needs of the potential sponsors. Read More.