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Sell tickets to your next workshop, seminar, concert, or even backyard barbeque ONLINE!

Eventbrite is one of the coolest services online, if you market seminars, workshops, fundraiser, concerts, or any other type of special event. As a member (and it’s free to join), you can sell tickets online for attendance to any event you sponsor. The site looks great. It’s simple to use. And it’s also available as a Facebook plug-in.

The company is extremely professional and it’s simple to use. It’s also very user friendly for the purchaser! For example, they can buy their tickets online and then add the event to their Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, iCal Calendar, and more. In return, Eventbrite takes a small percentage of each ticket sold to cover the costs of their services. So, if you do not sell any tickets, you don’t owe them a dime! There’s nothing to lose.

For more information visit http://concertpromotions.net/sell-tickets-online.htm