New Booking Agency Roster Addition: Sebastian Mikael

Sebastian Mikael booking agency

We are currently accepting offers for the latest addition the eJams Booking Agency family of stars, Sebastian Mikael. While many artists spend a lifetime chasing “international status,” 24-year-old classically trained singer-songwriter-musician Sebastian Mikael is already starting his career where others can only hope to finish.
sebastian mikael booking agentBorn in Sweden, he felt a glass ceiling approaching and set his sights on America. In 2011, he released his first mixtape “J’Adore” which led to a major recording contract. Last year’s release “Last Night” went to number 8 on the charts and his new release “Forever” is gaining momentum on radio stations across across the country, as his fans await the release of his debut album. “I feel like my music truly has something to say,” he says. “When people hear my music, I want them to relate. The way my music makes me feel inside is usually the same way people feel when they hear it.”

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“Last Night”

  • Record peaked at #8 on Urban Mainstream radio charts in December 2013
  • 90% of Urban Mainstream radio stations have played and are still playing “Last Night” on the biggest R&B/Hip Hop, Urban Adult and Rhythmic stations  in the country
  • Major Market airplay includes: New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Baltimore, Kansas City, Charlotte, Memphis, New Orleans, St. Louis, Hartford, Indiana, Phoenix and dozens more including Nationally Syndicated programs at Sirius/XM and Music Choice


  • Radio Impacted Urban Mainstream in February with 50 stations and almost 60% of radio currently playing
  • Currently inside the Top 30 on Urban Mainstream Radio Charts
  • Major Market airplay includes: New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Charlotte, Memphis, New Orleans, Kansas City and dozens more including Nationally Syndicated programs at Sirius/XM and Music Choice


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