Now Booking International Magician and Grand Illusionist, Mr Magic!

Magician & Illusionist Available for Booking

MR. MAGIC: International Grand Illusionist and Magician!

Mr. Magic is now available for booking. He is one of the few International Grand Illusionist acts in the world that can tailor a show to match any entertainment need, large or small. His two hour show will dazzle and amaze audiences of all ages!

Perfect for college campuses, casinos, cruise ships, theaters, festivals, corporate events, and family-oriented engagements.

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84 thoughts on “Now Booking International Magician and Grand Illusionist, Mr Magic!

  1. Clarence

    I seen Mr. Magic live on the cruise ship , he is a great illusionist and man of God” I watched as the magic unfolded into unbelievable achievement.

  2. Ron

    Mr.Magic is a thinkers illusionist, he says he never just wants in give his audience a magic show, but more importantly was to give them a “UNIQUE experience in the birth of innovation approach, now that,s real magic, “go ahead with you bad self.

  3. Robert

    One thing that always stuck with me about Mr.Magic was not only is he a ”DYNAMITE PERFORMER”” ‘but he is also very versed , he once told me that MAGIC IS JUST A TOOL BUT THE PRESENTATION YOU GIVE MAKES IT AN ART FORM…..AND THAT,S WHAT YOU ARE WITNESSING EVERY TIME YOU SEE HIM AND HIS WIFE ON STAGE.

  4. Wes

    My wife and I are so glad to see our people can do anything they put their minds to, Mr. Magic and his wife are two of the greatest examples of what can be achieved through years of hard work.

  5. Wendell

    Please come back to Huston TX….. his show is outstanding, but would love to see the full scale two hour production…

  6. Christopher

    My wife just checked out the videos and she is very excited, about the tour etc,,,

  7. Christopher

    His guy is off the chain and it becomes overwhelmly frustrating when you had a masters degree and still can not figure out how its done…

  8. Vicki

    I love your presentation of the paper into money , even though the paper was shown on both sides, I still could not figure it out! And when you start handing out the one dollar bills for further examination I lost it ?????

  9. Jean

    Why is this gentlemen not a headliner in a showroom in Las Vegas” he will be soon!!!!! Tour, Tour, Tour, Tour??????????????

  10. David

    Has anyone seen Mr.Magic do the illusion where his head drops down all the way to his knees, it,s an unbelievable piece of magic.

  11. Chi,Kou-fu

    Your big stage illusions and CAPTIVATING close up miracles were “MESMERIZING” our traveling customs were very pleased

  12. Amilligan

    Two of the most kind and gentle people in the business, and a pleasure to work with…

  13. Charles


  14. Hicks

    You and your wife are doing it up real big my brother, please keep giving us more and more.

  15. Alan

    I am a magical entertainer as well but not on this scale, nice work, one day its my dream to have your kind of showmanship.

  16. Reed

    If anyone has ever seen Mr. Magic and his wife,s full show if will blow your socks off, I can not wait until the tour starts to see the new illusions. They are the batman and robin of magic and illusions , our new “DYNAMITE DUO”

  17. Judy

    Its your time!! proverbs 18:16 A mans gift shall made room for him. Now walk into the favor of God proverbs 21:1 The heart of the king is in the hand of the lord as the river of the water and he turnth it what so ever way as he will.

  18. Tanya

    Two of greatest performers ever to grace the stage , Mr.Magic and his wife are outstanding performers with world wide appeal.

  19. Robyn

    Saw this illusion performed live with Mr. Magic to a standing ovation crowd on the cruise ship, never stop Mr.Magic your the greatest, thanks for the kindness shown towards my family while aboard the ship. When does the tour start???? I,m already there!

  20. Michael

    Man you totally took over the George Fraser power net conference, with a standing ovation, does Mr.Magic have any footage from that performance? Also he is one hell of a motivational speaker as well as a SPECTACULAR” performer. Tour dates please?

  21. francis

    Thanks for showing all of us what it truly means not to give up on your dream, may God bless you , your wife , family and touring crew. When does the tour start????

  22. Kenny

    When does the tour start, I heard about your new show, and can not wait to bring my family.

  23. Alpheia

    You need a One hour television special there are many other less talented than you are that landed a deal, if you know what I mean? I am praying that this is your season, and I know its true, please do not stop bringing us the best of the best. Thank you!!

  24. john

    You can always count on this Dynamite husband and wife duo to deliver in what ever magic effect they perform!!! We love you.

  25. john

    “Nice illusion” you are the man, keep showing the world hows magic is suppose to look .

  26. Claire

    Very fast paced illusion, with lots of surprises , you don,t know what going to happen next .One lady vanishes and another beautiful one appears in her place!” and just when one think its over “two more gorgeous young ladies appear out of nowhere. What a way to close an illusion………tour, tour , tour, tour,

  27. Shannon

    WOW!” What showmanship, also he and his wife are not only great performers but they have a certain skill that most illusionist do not possess and that is they have outstanding delivery which is very important. When does the tour start?

  28. Michelle

    You guys make it look easy, great stuff” this is by far the greatest presentation of the back stage illusion ever!” When are tour date going to post?

  29. larry

    Your illusions are to much to be hold, its fast paced magic, not slow, dragged out and boring.

  30. Lee

    Keep doing what you do someone will soon sign you to a major deal, you make us all proud of you.

  31. Charlie

    We have been following this power house husband and wife team for years, they are the best entertainers of 2011 and beyond” all I can say is tour, tour ,tour???????

  32. Renee

    We seen Mr. Magic and his wife when they came to Houston Texas, they are truly the bomb!”

  33. Simeon Outten

    Wow” this young man has has outstanding showmanship and powerful illusions as well.

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