Get Paid To Display Media Ads In Your Building

digital signage for the low income market

A Digital Signage Campaign Designed For You

Check out this innovative business opportunity for small business owners, select large corporations, colleges, and churches. Join us as we lead the way in providing a full service indoor digital media network. Here’s how it works. Allow us to install a video monitor in your building to broadcast our corporate ads and interactive content, absolutely free of charge (no strings attached), and we’ll send you a check every month.

Through our worldwide media network, participating corporate sponsors will display their ads to be viewed by your patrons. Interactive trivia and other high value entertainment segments will also be aired to keep the viewers engaged. We want the eyeballs and we’ll pay you every month to help us achieve our goal.


It costs nothing to join. There are no hidden costs and you’ll receive a monthly flat fee for your participation. This is cutting-edge technology that can help pay your bills or put extra cash in your business, organization, or personal bank account.

You can even upload your own messages and videos to the system to be displayed on your individual monitor. Advertise and promote whatever you want and still get a check each month for renting us the wall space. Want more information? Click here!

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