The Concert Promotion Conference Call

concert promotion conference call

The concert promotion landscape is changing. Industry consolidation, partnerships, and strategic alliances are making it harder for independent concert pros to thrive and, in some cases, survive.

Radio broadcasting companies are now paying royalty fees directly to the record labels, and the first major label Warner Music Group will soon be added to the list. quotes WMG CEO Steve Cooper as saying the deal includes “a host of powerful new promotional opportunities to reach a wider audience.” Could this open the door for promoters like Live Nation to oversee the new projects, leading to fewer opportunities for everyone else, including sound engineers, travel agents, nightclubs, caterers, and promoters?

The scale of what is happening in music and media is greater than most of us can imagine. When the dust settles, it could very well be “game over” for those in the concert business without any kind of direct affiliation with broadcast media and record companies. For an open discussion about the industry on this topic and many more, join “The Concert Promotion Conference Call” every first Wednesday beginning October 2nd at 8:00 PM (ET). Please R.S.V.P. today. Click here.

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