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Get Answers To Specific Contract, Rider, And Entertainment Questions

Get Answers To Contracts, Riders, And Entertainment Questions

If you have a concert promoter, indie artist, or general entertainment question and you need advice from an industry expert, consultant, business owner, professor, or a related field, this is the perfect service for you. Check it out.

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Using A Concert Promotion To Market Your Brand

music concert to market a brand

We recently received an email from an urban clothing store in Nebraska, asking if we thought promoting a local concert was a good ideas to market their store. The short answer is, if you think having a thousand or more teens and young adults screaming and having a good time at a show with your banners hanging all around the venue is a good idea, yes. Here are some suggestions to help make your event a successful and memorable one.

  • Unless you have experience producing concerts/festivals, start small. Consider using a small theater/auditorium (1,000-2,000 people capacity) for a show or the parking lot of your business for a mini festival. If your town is big on local talent, book them as opening acts with one nationally known artist (within your budget) as the headliner. However, the bigger your venue the more you may have to spend on a well-known headliner, to help sell more tickets.
  • Don’t be afraid to hire a professional consultant or concert promoter. You can oversee the project while they do the work. In some instances you can setup a partnership with their company and do it as a joint venture.  >>> Read More a <<<

    Concert Promoter: Tips On Creating Sponsorship Proposals

    concert sponsorship proposal tips

    Obtaining sponsorship support can add much needed revenue for your concert, fundraiser, or special event. Getting a concert sponsor involves putting together a proposal that outlines your event and why a potential sponsor should get on board with you.

    If you are putting together or have a completed a sponsorship proposal. Here are a few tips to help you sell your idea.

    1. Customize your proposal for the industry of your specific sponsor. Identify how your event can help potential sponsor reach their target demographic and marketing goals.

    2. Illustrate how the audience at your event conforms with the needs of the potential sponsors. Read More.